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Freak Spanish Weather 3 February 2017

Pictured: The freak Spanish weather that devastated salad crops and led to rationing of vegetables in UK supermarkets

Supermarkets started rationing vegetables following a shortage due to floods
Morrisons has imposed a limit of two iceberg lettuces for every customer
Price of Iceberg lettuces – normally available for 50p – has risen to more than £1
These pictures show devastating affect of snow and storms on southern Spain

Poking out of the rock-hard ground and covered in snow, these Spanish vegetables haven’t made it to our supermarket shelves.
Shops are rationing greens after snow and storms in the Mediterranean have caused shortages which will last until April.
Stunning pictures from Murcia in southern Spain capture the scale of the problem as whole fields of broccoli and lettuce lie buried in snow.  Link to Article




NOTE: Spain’s freak weather is very likely the result of weather intervention:


May 2009

On The State of Cloud Seeding For Rain Enhancement

“Deliberate cloud seeding, aimed at increasing precipitation by injecting specific types of particles into clouds, has been used since the mid-20th century. These efforts have improved our understanding about the processes that lead to cloud and precipitation formation and how seeding aerosols affect them. Unfortunately, there have been only a few large comprehensive projects that include both physical and statistical evaluations.” p. 3




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