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Cloud seeding experiments in Puerto Rico, involving U.S. Navy, Weather Bureau, & Colorado International Corporation (CIC) 1966 Weather Modification History (no audio)

Stormfury cloud seeding project. Views inside a U.S. Navy WC-121N aircraft, from Naval Station Roosevelt Roads,Puerto Rico, engaged in cloud-seeding experiments, assisted by contractor Colorado International Corporation (CIC). Crewman seated at a radar console, controlling the “Seeder” aircraft. Crewman at a meteorology station aboard the aircraft. A man’s hand turning dials on a machine at the meteorology station. A navigator using a weems plotter, E-6B circular slide rule computer, and dividers, He plots course, position, and estimated times of arrival at points along the route.Crew member from CIC confers with navigator. Some crew relaxing and playing cards while in flight. View of pilot and copilot in the cockpit.



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