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HAARP, Scalar Waves and how they affect you


The other day on the way home from work the sky was full of scalar waves..”Tesla proved that it is possible to create gigantic standing electromagnetic waves (sometimes thousands of miles long), which can be used to modify the weather and create manmade droughts, floods, and storms. Tesla’s giant standing electromagnetic waves can also create long-lasting high-pressure areas.”Quoting from “The Independent American” tax Fax #196 we read the following: “In 1974 a summit conference was held in Vladivostok, at which discussions on weather modification were held. President Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger (CFR), Secretary of State, represented the United States, while Soviet dictator Leonid Brezhenev and other Soviet officials represented the U.S.S.R. “..These scalar waves can also be directed to specific areas and to specific depths to cause earthquakes by disrupting the tectonic plates.
Dr. Eastlund’s invention has been incorporated into a mammoth U.S. government project titled “The…

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