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Geoengineering – a Force Multiplier




Geoengineering (including chemical spraying practices known colloquially as “Chemtrails”) refers to the stratospheric aerosol (SAG) spraying programs which inject highly toxic chemicals and vast quantities of heavy metals into the Earth’s atmosphere. Although this program is not publicly discussed by government and military, overwhelming evidence has been gathered by independent researchers the world over, which thoroughly documents the means through which global weather patterns are deliberately being manipulated.

“Contrails” by comparison are the short condensation trail that briefly follows commercial airliners. Unlike contrails, geoengineering particulate leaves a thick plume of smoke that is visibly blown from nozzels, not engines, fitted to the wings of commercial and non-commercial (military and unmarked) airliners. Geoengineering clouds also linger in the atmosphere for long periods of time – several hours – something that is not characteristic of water condensation, which disperses within seconds (just like your breathe on a cold winter day.)

So let’s suspend judgment for a…

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