Conocimiento, Consciencia, Educacion, Global Public Envirornmental movement against geoengineering

“Hacking the Skies : The Geoengineers and Their Media Gatekeepers”, by Hudson Ynez.


Hacking the Skies introduces its’ readers to the topic of ‘geoengineering’ the only planet known with intelligent life and its’ dire consequences for humanity. Geoengineer scientists are presented, including the deliberate attempt by a ‘few’ to prevent the critical flow of information to the masses, via mainstream media. Hacking the Skies is an urgent plea for widespread and genuine public debate.

Never heard of geoengineering? Don’t feel alone. Within these pages you too will become an ‘expert’ on this scientific field now altering our atmosphere, oceans and the very air we breathe. Geoengineering is a science mostly unheard of today by the general population and is defined as ” a large scale intervention of the Earth’s climatic system due to ‘human made’ anthropogenic climate change” (or greenhouse gases – GHG as defined by The Royal Society).

Geoengineering the only planet known with intelligent life is ‘barking mad’ and has thus been kept largely in the ‘dark’ due to a visible lack of reporting in mainstream media and broadsheets (newspapers) until now. Hacking the Skies introduces the origins of geoengineering beginning with the preeminent science academy in the World and their Fellows of – The Royal Society established in 1660.

In 2009, a number of scholarly reports resulted from The Royal Society, as well as testimonies given to the U.S. House Committee and UK Parliament in order to address, as well as advise Policy decision makers of this much unheard of scientific field. Pre-eminent Geoengineer scientists are introduced; among them, ‘voices of reason’ calling for prudence and restraint.

The book also takes an in-depth look at mainstream Media and previous attempts by the intelligence community to prevent critical flow of information to citizens; questioning the relevance of the control of our media today. Recently, a few financial journalists of major broadsheets and financial magazines have written books and articles in favor of ‘geoengineering’ which are presented. These journalists are teaming up with Geoengineer ‘enthusiasts’ for fresh funding from Wall Street, global financiers and the private sector.

Hacking the Skies highlights the over-arching ‘hubris’ of a particular group of scientists within the scientific community who are determined to ‘play God’ with our atmosphere (which even they admit they do not fully understand). Scientists admit that the technologies are developing more rapidly than the ability to be governed and that there is “no guarantee for safety”.

Hacking the Skies reveals the immense catastrophic devastation awaiting our planet as highlighted by some of the World’s most prominent Scientists; the research also shines a light on the ‘anti-geoengineering’ movement pioneered by a courageous few.

International treaties, National Laws and Magna Carta (The Great Charter) are introduced to the reader, which have been signed in order to prevent deliberate government and military attempts to harm our atmosphere and control or modify our weather.

Substantiated by scholarly scientific facts, including official statements by scientists and their testimonies given to Policy decision makers in the US and UK, some are calling for a ‘widespread public debate and engagement’. The time for a public debate is long overdue. Humanity is at a critical ‘tipping point’.

World citizens have an ‘inalienable birthright’ in the growing debate over geoengineering the only planet known with intelligent life with catastrophic consequences unknown to the scientists themselves.Hacking the Skies challenges the notion that the discussion of geoengineering should be limited to a few including: policy decision makers, scientists, NGO’s and ‘ruling elites’.

An open and widespread public debate on these life and planet altering technologies is critically important today. Collectively, humanity has a ‘moral responsibility’ to insure that geoengineering technologies are not undermining our democratic governments and processes and moreover, our freedom and justice.

Previews of the book are available at no cost. Note : A portion of the proceeds of sales of this book will be donated to Carnicom Institute.



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