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‘Ion-induced nucleation of pure biogenic particles’ Published online 25 May 2016 Jasper Kirkby

Pete Ramon


“Atmospheric aerosols and their effect on clouds are thought to be important for anthropogenic radiative forcing of the climate, yet remain poorly understood. Globally, around half of cloud condensation nuclei originate from nucleation of atmospheric vapours. It is thought that sulfuric acid is essential to initiate most particle formation in the atmosphere, and that ions have a relatively minor role. Some laboratory studies, however, have reported organic particle formation without the intentional addition of sulfuric acid, although contamination could not be excluded. Here we present evidence for the formation of aerosol particles from highly oxidized biogenic vapours in the absence of sulfuric acid in a large chamber under atmospheric conditions. The highly oxygenated molecules (HOMs) are produced by ozonolysis of α-pinene. We find that ions from Galactic cosmic rays increase the nucleation rate by one to two orders of magnitude compared with neutral nucleation. Our experimental findings are supported by quantum chemical calculations of the cluster binding energies of representative HOMs. Ion-induced nucleation of pure organic particles constitutes a potentially widespread source of aerosol particles in terrestrial environments with low sulfuric acid pollution.”

“Biogenic vapours join another class of trace vapours, known as amines, that have previously been shown by CLOUD to cluster with sulphuric acid to produce new aerosol particles in the atmosphere. Amines, however, are only found close to their primary sources such as animal husbandry, whereas alpha-pinene is ubiquitous over landmasses. This latest result from CLOUD could therefore explain a large fraction of the birth of cloud seeds in the lower atmosphere around the world. It shows that sulphuric acid aerosols do indeed have a significant influence on the formation of clouds, but [they need the help of trees]”

‘Cloud-seeding surprise could improve climate predictions’

“Molecules released by trees can seed clouds, two experiments have revealed. The findings, published on 25 May in Nature and Science, run contrary to an assumption that the pollutant sulphuric acid is required for a certain type of cloud formation — and suggest that climate predictions may have underestimated the role that clouds had in shaping the pre-industrial climate.” (well, no surprise there)

“The role of trees in cloud formation has been under-appreciated.”

“The latest experiments suggest that it may have been cloudier in pre-industrial times than previously thought. If this is so, then the masking effect, and in turn the warming effects of carbon dioxide, might have been overestimated, says Jasper Kirkby, a physicist at the CERN, Europe’s particle-physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland, who led one of the experiments.”

‘Global warming’ numerical climate models don’t account for photosynthesis.
“Reto Knutti says the results will probably not affect the most likely projections of warming, as laid out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “Our best estimate is probably still the same,” he says.”

Yeah, and we investigated chemtrails and found nothing wrong. But yet, we advocate aerosol precursor research in ‘solar geongineering’. The concept of aerosol injections are modeled after contrail fluid dynamics and therefore the methods deployed would resemble contrails. But only these are not typical contrails- if the sky is cloudless, blue and sunny in a desert, so should there be no persisting contrails. If the same cloud microphysics in natural cloud formation are described as the foundation of contrail-cirrus, but the sky is blue and cloudless in the middle of the day in Arizona, then by those very natural cloud microphysics into why the sky is cloudless…aircraft water vapor should not be whitening out the damn sky.

“this study concentrated on Shortwave Climate Engineering (SWCE) methods”

Remember that? Novim.

And the SWCE method IS modeled after contrails, but they are not real contrails; clearly implied as aerosol injections in solar geoengineering.

Now to supplement that statement with the Royal Society of Chemistry with part of their overview of geoengineering.

“The effects of high-altitude aircraft on the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere have been extensively studied, beginning with the supersonic transport programmes of the 1970s and extending to recent subsonic aircraft impact assessments (under various names) in the USA and Europe (e.g. NASA-AEAP 1997). These projects have characterized aircraft emissions and jet plume dynamics, and developed corresponding models to treat the various chemical, microphysical and dynamical processes.”

“These projects have characterized aircraft emissions and jet plume dynamics”

Chemtrails (aerosol precursors) are modeled after contrail fluid dynamics.

“The role of trees in cloud formation has been under-appreciated.”

“Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.” -University of Oxford

Climate change is natural, and geoengineering is an excuse to lay war upon the planet’s living network. We are part of that network. We are ion sensitive, some more than others. Then we interfere with Earth’s natural ion balance in all living systems by Nanotechnology-

-Spray nanomaterials. (such as nano cerium dioxide)
-Eat nanomaterials. (such as nano titanium dioxide
-Drink nanomaterials. (such as milk protein carbon nanotubes)

Children in Paris having carbon nanotubes in their lungs.
Two Chinese women passed away from inhaling nano-TiO2
One US lab worker who can no longer enter the laboratory she once worked in as she is infected with nanoparticles and has a reaction when she enters.

These cases are real and have been documented.

“developed corresponding models to treat the various chemical, microphysical and dynamical processes”

You have chemical processes. You have microphysical (and nanoscale) processes. You have dynamical processes.

You are under molecular attack by your own government.



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