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The “CONTROLLED” TV has a new PROGRAM on called “Transgender KIDS CAMP”


They are trying to confuse the gender identity of the youth with parents unknown to the agenda.

‪#‎TRUTH‬: They want borgs for the the future transhumanism movement. It’s called gender fluidity, and it’s in full swing for the youth. If you have young kids, please be aware that this is an agenda to make women more masculine and men more feminized, hence confusing their roles and gender identification and will affect the social dynamics into the future. Watch all these videos from Pockets of the Future‘s Youtube playlist for an in-depth overview here:…

Who is they??? …we all are the “THEY” if we don’t wake up to what is going on in the world around us. “THEY” utilize Hollywood and the music industry to push these agendas and if we continue to blindly follow, then we are the …”THEY” ….

IMAGE source of Jaden Smith article here:…/Jaden-Smith-states-s-never-see…




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