Conocimiento, Consciencia, Educacion

Let The Mother Nature Be


Mordor has come

The ongoing ecocide at Tar Sands and the thousands of other ‘oil’ sites across the planet, are the handy work of a malignant, hateful consciousness, a satanic mindset of anti-life, that dominates and desecrates the vibrant living world. It is greed and self above all else…the mind of a predator.

But most of us are too wrapped up in our gadgets and gizmos, to really give a damn about the ecocide happening all around us. We ignore the thousands of trees felled each year, to make way for bio fuels, cattle and cheap beef burgers.  Our oceans are dying from over fishing and pollution, radiation is spewing from Fukushima, oil spills abound and the fracking of shale gas has got the green light from the masters of this world… and as the chemicals injected into the Earth, poison our rivers and streams, our planet dies…and we die with it.

We are all hypocrites, slaves to the reptile mind, held in a stupor of unreality, so absorbed in the struggle to survive, and the sensual comforts we have in life, that we have sold our souls to darkness along with our planet, and instead of confronting the truth, we sweep our fears under the carpet and carry on….




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