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You’re Being Lied To About Cancer

Do not allow yourself or those you love to be a victim of the Big Pharma cartel..

Cancer is quite lucrative for Big Pharma with over $200 billion dollars spent every year on chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, medications, etc.

Doctors push these expensive and questionable treatments on cancer patients while largely ignoring the many major concerns of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. These “treatments” pose many dire side effects, the most concerning of which is the development of secondary cancers. Research proves that secondary cancers will likely return in a different location with far more aggression than the original cancer.

For those that survive these radically invasive treatments, permanent damage to the kidneys, heart and brain can pretty much be guaranteed. Survivors often deal with heart-breaking infertility, as well as chronic pain.

In addition, there are countless lies told to the public in a vicious quest for profit by pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry.

For example, the mammogram industry rakes in $4 billion dollars a year, tricking women in to believing an x-ray is necessary to protect health. What doctors fail to mention is that mammograms are not only ineffective, but actually quite harmful.

A study conducted by the Nordic Cochrane Center in Demark reviewed the effects of seven breast cancer screening options on half a million women. The results are horrifying: For every 2,000 women who received a mammogram within a 10 year period, only one would have her life prolonged, while 10 others were harmed. Mammograms irradiate breast tissue cells, triggering the development of breast cancer. And once a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, doctors will push chemotherapy as an effective treatment despite the fact that there is zero, reliable scientific data to prove that chemotherapy has any positive effect on fighting breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society admits how deadly cancer treatments, specifically chemotherapy, can be. The ACS has stated that if a cancer returns, even as a totally different type from the original cancer, it may have been caused by the initial treatment.

“Chemo is known to be a greater risk factor than radiation therapy in causing leukemia…some solid tumor cancers have also been linked to chemo treatment.”

The truth is chemotherapy does not work and is nothing more than medical fraud. Radiation causes cancer, and usually a more aggressive one at that.

It’s true that lots of money has been spent on evidence proving that chemotherapy shrinks tumors. It’s unfortunate that this fact means nothing. What doctors don’t tell their patients is that tumor size is completely irrelevant in battling the disease. Tumor reduction does absolutely nothing to change the physiology of a cancer patient’s body. Reducing the size of the tumor does nothing towards healing or creating a cancer-free environment.

Cancer will kill over 8 million people this year.

True cures are being suppressed and the mainstream media has played a big role in keeping people in the dark on how to prevent such a dire diagnosis.

An explosively powerful documentary series is about to play online, and it will be free to view for a limited time. This is something ‘they’ do not want you to see! Although the landmark documentary features interviews with many of the world’s leading cancer experts, the mainstream media refused to air it. Pharmaceutical companies are one of MSM’s biggest sources of income, so you can imagine why you haven’t heard anything about this series on television. You’ll discover the most effective ways to prevent and beat cancer you won’t see any where else.

This documentary series has already saved numerous lives.

Each episode in the 9 part series is packed full of incredible information, survivor stories and much more in the pursuit to finally find a cure and eradicate cancer.

Please don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn The Truth About Cancer. Sign up to see this incredible series for free here. It could save your life.

The Truth About Cancer can be viewed by clicking here. You can also take the cancer assessment quiz and determine your risk level by clicking here. – See more at:


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