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Increase in the death rate: impeach the illegal geoengineering

una scia

In recent years it has been matched by an increase in the death rate: surprising (but not too much) that the most worrying concern indices western states where, according to the propaganda, the living conditions would be better thanks to vaccinations, health care and such wonders. Note that the mortality rate is higher in Italy, Greece, Germany etc. rather than in Bangladesh, a country considered “developing”.

It ‘clear that mixtures of poisons administered to unsuspecting Western populations, poisons ranging from transgenic organisms to the thousands of environmental pollutants, primarily the metal nanoparticles, polymers and glass of chemtrails, constitute an explanation of the arcane. The peaks of Russia and Belarus are probably long wave of the explosion of the nuclear reactor site at Chernobyl accident April 26, 1986.

Please note that the mortality rate is the parameter that indicates the average annual number of deaths per 1,000 people, recorded in the middle of the year, also known as crude death rate.

Here are some of 2014 value of incidence order from highest to lowest:

Russia: 13,83
Belarus: 13,51
Germany: 11.29
Greece: 11,00
Congo: 10,17
Italy: 10.10
Great Britain: 9.34
France: 9.06
Spain: 9.00
United States: 8.15
Switzerland: 8.10
Aruba: 8.10
Cuba: 7.64
China: 7.44
Australia: 7.07
Brazil: 6.54
Albania: 6.47
Antigua and Barbuda: 5.70
Bangladesh: 5.07




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