Conocimiento, Consciencia, Educacion

Poor Brainwashed Slaves

As targeted individuals, coming to an understanding about our situation and the methods used against us is a never-ending journey that’s full of deceptions and distractions, and there are no quick and easy ways to travel this road to safety. Each avenue we might take leads to new roads that need to be traversed carefully, and it requires a great deal of caution when exploring the territory and those other people we seem to be journeying it with. There is really no one that we can trust completely, and even those people we should be able to trust the most – our closest friends and family – have revealed to most of us that this is so. Even other targeted individuals often prove to be perpetrators in disguise. The only person you really have left to trust is yourself. Therefore, it’s very important that you know how to do that and not be fooled by your own mistakes in judgment, and that’s what this document is intended to help you with. Perceptions are not always as they seem, and piercing the veil of illusion takes skill. But you can learn those skills, and when you do, things become far easier and far safer.
Stay strong, always be alert and aware, and question everything.

Subliminal words (in the correct electromagnetic-field and attuned to the human brain) that express human consciousness can enter our minds at a subconscious level. Apparently, our brain activity patterns can be measured and stored on super-computers. If a victim needs to have subliminal thoughts implanted, all that is necessary is to capture that brain activity pattern, (saved on the mega computer) and target or match up that person’s pattern.

The targeted or specified person is then sent low frequency subliminal messages that they actually think are their own thoughts.





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