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Digging up the Roots of Deception

History provides a lesson, for those who look. So let’s take a quick look at the roots of all of this, when these psyop programs first started being employed on the home front by the US government as they were embarking on their research into mind-control as part of MKULTRA. This is when the biggest psyop program in history – the UFO/ET deception – was first initiated. It never would have grown such strong roots without the careful cultivation of a UFO community and its first leadership roles, and by controlling the sources of information on the subject and giving these leaders the publicity needed to disseminate that information to their target audience, using all of the techniques of perception management outlined in this document.
Most or all of the key pieces of information that served to build the foundation to support the belief in the UFO/ET phenomenon can be seen (if you look at the finer details) to have derived from sources that were either directly connected to intelligence arms of the US government, or were under their influence in some way. From the late 1940s up until the advent of the internet in the late 1980s, the only sources of information on the subject of UFOs were magazine and book writers, and lesser-recognized conference lecturers (usually people describing their personal knowledge or experiences). The subject was kept completely outside of mainstream media as a serious topic of consideration and was only valued as entertainment. A ‘denial of service’ situation existed, and an interested public had few sources of information to go to. The earliest writers and lecturers on the subject of UFOs offered no better qualifications to know the truth about this subject than anyone else, and it was only that they had something to offer at all that they attracted an audience. This audience’s dynamics were the same as with any group, which had the potential to be taken advantage of. These early writers and lecturers acted in the role of group leaders, but as innocent as they may have been in their endeavors, they had human weaknesses that a Psyop Specialist would know how to exploit. These people were targeted and used in various psyop programs that helped to create an alternate perception of reality as a cover for other programs and operations that were centered on the development of post-WWII secret technologies.
After first gaining control over these people (through publishing contracts, etc.) and gaining their confidence, they were then supplied with disinformation to disseminate to the rest of the UFO community. A great deal of this audience’s attention was given to what these people presented based on two important factors: a lack of anywhere else to go for information, and the sheer extraordinariness of what they presented. And what they presented became the foundation for an alternate belief system that would grow and evolve over time. These early writers and lecturers filled leadership roles by keeping the UFO community alive, and they were its only sources of information in the beginning. But it turns out that people with military or intelligence ties were always involved with these people in one way or another, whether they were presenting themselves as whistleblowers with inside information, or playing more covert roles by posing as doctors, scientists, or researchers with levels of knowledge and expertise that gave their opinions some validity. Many witnesses to alleged UFO/ET events were also heavily exploited and led into leadership roles, giving lectures and writing books while receiving special publicity from behind the scenes, their stories of their personal experiences helping to give legitimacy to the alternate reality that was developing. Their stories also helped to build on the detail of this alternate reality and keep the audience captivated. But always in the background pulling the strings were the Psyop Specialists, managing the perceptions of their target audience that they had nurtured into existence, planting information along the way, and using every psychological technique they had in their arsenal to apply ‘soft force’ methods of persuasion to convince this audience of that alternate reality. Among this audience were many targets of other secret government programs that stemmed from MKULTRA who thought they had had UFO/ET experiences, and the perception of reality that they were being led to believe worked as a cover for these secret government mind-control programs.


The UFO/ET phenomenon has since developed in various ways, and the issue of mind-control has always been in the background, an explanation that many purported ‘alien’ abductees reject out of hand as the real cause of their experiences. These mind-control experimentees/abductees are generally caught up in a false belief system that covers the deeper truth, and many of them have been converted into ‘true believers’ who continue to promote the cover story through books and lectures. They are a generation of targeted individuals who were used to build a false reality that has continued to exist and evolve even further. The experiences of many targeted individuals in recent years show telling similarities to many of these abductee cases (particularly the more recent ones), and they often show the same refusal that abductees have shown towards any other explanations for their experiences than those they have attached themselves to. This is a grave concern, because this rejection of logical analysis is a sign that cult techniques have been used on them.
This is something that all targeted individuals need to beware of.

Online Psyops and Perception Management in the Targeted Community



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