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Frankenstorm Sandy_ Jet Contrail Chemicals & Geo-Engineering

From Florida to New England, residents along the eastern seaboard are sharing their anecdotes, photos and videos of Hurricane Sandy. Below are excerpts from the latest dispatches from people living through the storm. All times on posts are ET. Interested in writing about your experiences? Share your story at Yahoo! Contributor Network and your Hurricane Sandy photos on Flickr.
6:40 p.m.

Empty store shelves in Herndon, Va. (Samuel Gonzales/Yahoo! Contributor Network)
In Virginia, empty shelves at stores
FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va.—At noon, I took it upon myself to visit a couple of my friends and go around the city of Herndon to randomly ask how people are dealing with the preparations for the storm.
We went to the shopping mall and asked a woman, Janice, what she thinks. She said she’s glad for the storm because it finally gives her a break from all the boring election news coverage on TV.
Brad Dansky, 22, said he “scored bananas and an LED flashlight at the 7-11. Woohoo.”
Janette, 51, said she’s taking bets with all her friends on how many leaks she’ll find in the ceilings of her house this week and that she’s going to brunch like there’s no tomorrow.
Wendy Shaw, 34, says her plan of attack for the hurricane is to “get a few party boxes of tacos and call it a day.”
We were surprised that there were a group of guys playing flag football in their yards. They said, “Sandy… BRING IT ON!!”
— Samuel Gonzales
6:24 p.m.
Hurricane Sandy flexes her power on Long Island
LONG ISLAND—Just past noon, I went out to take a few pictures expecting to do a before and after. Sandy had other plans, though. The water had already come inland in several places blocking roads and causing evacuations. Trees and telephone poles were down before 2 p.m.. Here are a few of the pictures I took today. The storm still hasn’t really hit us here yet. I shudder to think the kind of damage we are about to experience.
— Edward J. Neary



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