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Angels Dont Play This Arp




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Oh You Ate One too !!



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How Brainwashed U R

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PERFORMANCE chemtrails valencia. plaza de la reina 27-12-15

el dia 27 hicimos una pequeña concentracion reivindicativa acerca del gran problema que tenemos todos con la aplicacion de las tecnicas de ingenieria climatica y los impactos en la salud y en el medioambiente que producen.
estuvimos alrededor de 3 horas repartiendo octavillas e informando a la poblacion, con la sorpresa de que varias personas mayores nos daban la razon. ellos recuerdan su infancia con nubes redondas con formas y ven la diferencia entre lo que tenemos hoy en dia y aquel clima natural que tuvimos en la infancia. y encima no se ven las estrellas..
dejo capturas del periodico “la vanguardia” en el cual nos dedicaron unas pequeñas lineas “redirigiendo” la opinion y diciendo que fuimos 10, y fuimos en total mas de 20 aunque algunas personas no estuvieron en la foto principal porque eso fue al final y se tuvieron que ir. pero bueno, al menos nos sacaron ajajaja.


by Helios Colera

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Electronic Money

Where does money come from is a question that most of us never think to ask, even though in one way of another money affects almost every aspect of our lives.

Now, if you give the question a few seconds thought, the answer may seem obvious; take any note out of your wallet and you’ll see the words “Bank of England” printed on the front.

But the twist in the story is that the only money that the Bank of England creates is the cash that and this cash makes up just 3% of the money we use.

So where does the other 97% come from? The surprising fact is that the vast majority of money that exists is actually just numbers in computer systems. Money now is electronic. And these numbers are created through an accounting process used whenever a bank makes a loan.

In fact, the number that you see at the bottom of your bank statement or on the screen of an ATM doesn’t represent a pile of money in the bank’s safe; that number is the money.

So, when we borrow from a bank, we’re not borrowing money from someone else’s life savings; it’s actually newly created money. In fact, brand new money is created by banks every time somebody takes out a loan, overdraft or credit card.

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Is This Our Human Nature?

From cradle to grave, we are following the guidelines of what authority defines as a state-of-the-art system, in which “success” seems to begin and end within the running wheel of education, career performance, debt management and retirement.

A vibrant economy is the ultimate priority of our global hierarchy. However; a vibrant planet, the respect of all lifeforms, healthy foods, peaceful ways and conscious actions seem to remain a mere idealistic subject of conversation, often turned into a few fundraising campaigns with very little or no impact at all, for they go against the very foundation of industrialist principles anyways. We shall nonetheless pass on these capitalist and patriotic values for our children to perpetuate this very same unquestioned cycle, because after all, it is all we’ve ever known.

Does this whole picture still resonate with us at this point and time? Is this all there is to life? Is this system even sustainable? Does it invite us to expand our consciousness, or does it aim at keeping us thinking inside the same box of belief systems we’ve been in for as long as we can remember? These questions are well worth asking, because to realize that there is more to us than what we’ve been led to believe is the first step towards uncovering answers. – A Sheep No More